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The Board was established in august 2003 from the Ministry of Higher Education.


  • Formulate and implement policies on scholarship and bursary (SSAS)
  • Monitor from time to time the progress of recipients
  • Maintenance of up to date database of Delta State students of higher learning.
  • Be responsible for matters relating to selection of suitable candidates.
  • Acting as intermediary between the State, institutions and students.


Structured into two main departments and various units:

  • Administration and Finance
  • Planning Research and Statistics (PRS)


  • SSAS – Bursary (Students’ Special Assistance scheme)
  • Local Scholarship
  • Oversea/Foreign Scholarship
  • First Class Graduate Scholarship
  • Financial Assistance to Law School Students
  • Physically Challenged Scholarship
  • Scholarship for Children of Deceased Civil Servants
  • Scholarship for Maritime and Aviation Students


  • BEA (Bilateral Education Agreement)
  • Commonwealth Scholarship Programme
  • AGBAMI (AMEPS – Agip Medicine, Engineering and Professional Studies)
  • Federal Scholarship Board (Nigeria Award)

Students’ Special Assistance Scheme (SSAS)

This scheme was introduced and approved in 2004 by the State government to replace Bursary. This modification is to redirect the focus of the students and inject seriousness into them and to work hard to merit this award as the scheme is only available to those with CGPA of 2.2 and above. The scheme is also, only available to full-time students of higher institution.

Local Scholarship

The local scholarship is categorized into three parts namely; Undergraduate, Postgraduate (Master) and Ph.D. Local undergraduate scholarship is awarded to students of Delta State origin, who are in their 2nd year with a CGPA of 3.50 and above, must have excelled in the Board’s completive examination.

Overseas/Foreign Scholarship

This scheme is for overseas masters and overseas Ph.D scholarships. The Ph.D. overseas scholarship is awarded to students who distinguished themselves at the Board’s screening.

Financial Assistance to Nigerian Law School Students

The scheme is tailored towards giving financial assistance to students of Delta State origin in the six (6) campuses on the Nigerian Law School.

Scholarship for Children of Deceased Civil Servants/Physically Challenged

Knowing that there is ability in disability, the government encourages the physically challenged by helping them pursue their respective dreams through education. Also, in recognizing the labour of civil servants who died in active service, the State Government also caters for three of the deceased children from primary to university education. 

Scholarship for Students in aviation Schools

This scheme was introduced in the year 2012 to encourage students who are studying in the three core courses of aviation school. The courses are:

  1. Piloting
  2. Aeronautic engineering
  • Aircraft maintenance


The first class graduate scholarship scheme as a government policy is to create a healthy competitive academic environment among our students.

It is interesting to state that since inception of the scheme, the State has over 233 existing beneficiaries. For clarity purpose, in year 2010 we had 37 awardees out of which 3 had graduated, 16 are in their final year while others who started late are still at their first or second year of Ph.D. Subsequent 47 for year 2011, majority of which are in their second year of Ph.D., one had graduated and one in his final year of Ph.D. In year 2012, 49 were awarded the scholarship out of which one had graduated and others still in their progarmmes.  100 beneficiaries were given award for the year 2013 (comprehensive list attached herewith).

Below is an update analysis of outstanding payment to first class beneficiaries:

  1. Total number of Beneficiaries left with single tranche payment – 22
  2. Total number of Beneficiaries to receive two more tranches of payment – 76
  3. Total number of Beneficiaries to receive three more tranches of payment – 39

Nigerian Law School

In 2013/2014 fiscal year, the Board received a list of 423 participants from the Headquarters of the Nigerian Law School, Abuja. The Board equally received an additional list of 134 students sent for April batch by the Nigerian Law School, Abuja. The memo consists a total of 1, 047 law school graduates. As at today, the financial commitment of the Nigerian Law School memo excluding 2015/2016 is estimated to be around  N119, 878, 424. 84

Scholarship to aviation Students

On July 24th, 2013 the board’s received a total number of 18 beneficiaries of aviation scholarship while in 2014 a total number of 38 beneficiaries were  sent for approval.

Scholarship for Children of Deceased Civil Servants/ Physically Challenged Students

In the year 2010, the government of Delta State granted approval to the tune of 285 Children of Deceased Civil Servants and 69 physically Challenged students bringing the total beneficiaries to 354.

In the year 2010/2011, the Board proposal for total approval of 343 deceased civil servant children and 99 physically challenged students was granted.

 In the year 2011/2012, the Board also received 403 children of the deceased civil servant and total of 101 beneficiaries of physically challenged students. In the year 2013, the Board acknowledged 85 beneficiaries of the scheme. In the same year, the Board also has 459 beneficiaries of children of deceased civil servant. In the year 2014, the Board issued a request for 1057 candidates for both physically challenged and children of deceased civil servants scheme but was returned.


Delta State Bursary and Scholarship Board is committed with a clear mandate to be a leader in support of the pursuits of academic excellence and to make bursary and scholarship easy and readily accessible to all our students across the globe using modern technologies in the delivery of our services.  

The Board